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Consumers Union

A majority of Americans expect to go farther on a gallon of gas with their next vehicle purchase (53%). Even more (84%) believe automakers should continue to improve fuel economy for all vehicle types, though partisan differences emerge regarding support for the U.S. government increasing and enforcing fuel economy standards (60% support among Republicans vs. 80% among Democrats).

Jason Mogus and Tom Liacas, Net Change Consulting

Analysis of the patterns behind high-performing progressive advocacy campaigns that demonstrated both policy/cultural impact uncovered a common set of strategic orientations and practices. Campaigns in this group tend to share power and decision-making with their supporters, and spend significant time organizing and aligning their wider networks of allies. At the same time, they’re led by active central command structures that control resource management, framing, and storytelling, while also dedicating significant attention to political moments and media narrative work.  Featured in the Stanford Social Innovation Review.