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Hart Research/NRDC/LCV

Solid majorities of Americans would support the Obama administration permanently protecting the Arctic and Atlantic from drilling and preventing the expansion of new leases on public lands and waters. Partisan and generational divides do exist, however, with substantial majorities of independents and Democrats opposed to leasing and millennials appreciably more opposed than seniors. Americans across all parties are exceedingly positive about increasing development of renewables and would like to see this as the country’s energy priority -- 93% of Democrats, 90% or Independents, and 84% of Republicans support expanding development of renewable energy sources. Americans have a host of concerns about continued fossil fuel development, with health issues chief among them. Two in three Americans say we should keep fossil fuels in the ground to help address climate change.

Edward W Maibach, Anthony A. Leiserowitz, Seth Rosenthal, Connie Roser-Renouf, & M. Cutler, Yale University and George Mason University

Advocates have opportunities to fill the remarkable silence around climate change among those already engaged in the issue.  Among the two thirds of Americans who are interested in global warming and/or rate it as important, fewer than half hear about it in the media once a month or more; only a quarter hear about it at least monthly from those they know; and more than half rarely or never discuss it with family or friends. Covered by Climate Nexus.