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Hahrie Han, University of California - Santa Barbara. American Political Science Review

Three tests conducted in coordination with a physician advocacy organization revealed insights into activism recruitment and retention with implications for public engagement on climate change. The first test found that people who received personalized goals messages were almost three times as likely to sign a petition as those who received the standard message. Those who received generic goals messages were more than twice as likely to sign the petition as those who received the standard message. The second test found that referencing an activists’ past actions in an email made them more likely to sign up to recruit others. The test focused on new members and also found that, while the standard and new member message groups were equally likely to open the email message, members of the new member message group were three times as likely to recruit others to sign the petition The third test found that asking people to reflect on their experience and to contextualize the meaning of their participation had a powerful effect on whether people attended a follow-up meeting.

NextGen Climate/Project New America

75% of millennials say they would be more likely to vote for a candidate who wants to transition the U.S. from fossil fuels to clean energy, but 44% of millennials do not see a difference between Clinton and Trump on this issue. 44% also prefer Clinton’s views on transitioning to clean energy; only 12% prefer Trump’s. 81% of millennials identified "protecting our families’ health with clean air and water" as a high priority in the 2016 election. The EPA also enjoys strong support among millennials, with a net favorability rating (+36) higher than that of LeBron James (+29) and Beyonce (+18). Press release and topline results are also available.