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Climate and Environmental Justice Block Grants
National Wildlife Federation
Climate and Environmental Justice Block Grants provide $3 billion in competitive, 3-year grants to states, Tribes, and municipalities and community-based nonprofit organizations for financial and technical assistance to address clean air and climate pollution in disadvantaged communities. Activities that benefit disadvantaged communities to confront and overcome persistent climate pollution challenges, including: Community-led air and other pollution monitoring, prevention, and remediation, investments in low- and zero-emission and resilient technologies, and related infrastructure and workforce development that help reduce; greenhouse gas emissions and other air pollutants; Mitigating climate and health risks from urban heat islands, extreme heat, wood heater emissions, and wildfire events; Climate resiliency and adaptation, including nature-based solutions; Reducing indoor toxics and indoor air pollution; Facilitating engagement of disadvantaged communities in state and federal public processes, including facilitating such engagement in advisory groups, workshops, and rulemakings. Eligible recipients include: A community-based nonprofit organization; a partnership of community-based nonprofit organizations; a partnership between a Tribe, a local government, or an institution of higher education and a community-based nonprofit organization.