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Feminine & Feminist Climate Leadership: Women's engagement on climate change

Climate Advocacy Lab and The All We Can Save Project

In this webinar, the Climate Advocacy Lab and The All We Can Save Project came together to review the latest research and field testing about women's engagement on climate change, before turning to excpetional female climate leaders – and contributing essayist for the forthcoming anthology, All We Can Save (AWCS) – about the powerful impacts of feminine & feminist climate leadership.

Contributing speakers:

  • Dr. Katharine Wilkinson, AWCS Co-editor & Vice President, Project Drawdown
  • Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, AWCS Co-editor, marine biologist & Founder of Urban Ocean Lab
  • Amy Westervelt, environmental journalist & Founder of Critical Frequency
  • Tara Houska, environmental & Indigenous rights activist & Founder of Giniw Collective

In addition to discussing "feminine climate advocacy" and "climate feminism," speakers shared with the audience significant takeaways and actionable insights from their own work in the climate advocacy field, as well as the importance of elevating women's leadership on climate at this time.