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Poll: Voters want to cancel fossil fuels

Danielle Deiseroth, Julian Brave NoiseCat, Marcela Mulholland, and Jamie Henn; Data for Progress

By a 2:1 margin, voters agree that minimizing our reliance on fossil fuels will create millions of new jobs in the clean energy economy, rather than kill jobs or reduce our nation’s energy independence.

66% of voters support increasing incentives for the clean energy industry, 60% support providing benefits to workers displaced by the transition away from fossil fuels, and 62% of all voters support regulating emissions to reduce pollution.

Voters also agree that fossil fuel companies have a net negative impact on communities of color.

57% of voters support an executive order to force the EPA to reduce pollution disparities in local communities, and 60% support an executive order to direct federal funding for green jobs and infrastructure in the most vulnerable communities.