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Renewable Energy Narrative Analysis: January–December 2018
The Solutions Project

This report looks at how the media covers renewable energy with a specific focus on the extent to which it quotes women as spokespeople, references issues of equity, or talks about communities of color. The report also provides baseline data and metrics against which to measure the impact of the diversity of leaders advancing clean energy realities ("women as well as men, communiteis of color as well as white, male entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley") and to track their progress over time. Report findings indicate where resources must be invested to truly reflect and lift up the “100% solutions and leaders” already here.

Of 2,348 articles reviewed:

  • 10% referenced equity or justice
  • 21% included women as spokespeople or lawmakers (although some climate and energy news fails to mention any spokesperson at all)
  • 7% referenced communities of color
  • and 65% were optimistic and solutions-focused.

The report also looks at dominant narrative trends to measure the overall tone of the conversation, with the following  stand-out narratives:


  • Clean energy is growing and accelerating
  • Renewable energy’s future should be just and equitable


  • Fossil fuel workers need jobs
  • Corporations are buying more clean energy than ever
  • Renewable energy is increasingly bipartisan


  • Renewable energy needs new technology
  • The “Trump effect” on clean energy creates needless division on the issue