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Which racial/ethnic groups care most about climate change?

Matthew Ballew, Edward Maibach, John Kotcher, Parrish Bergquist, Seth Rosenthal, Jennifer Marlon, Anthony Leiserowitz

Non-Hispanic whites are less engaged on climate than Latinx or black Americans, across a range of measures. Latinx and blacks are more likely to be in the "Alarmed" and "Concerned" audience segments (with fully 69% of Latinx respondents Alarmed/Concerned). Whites are less willing to join a climate activism campaign, and less likely to say climate is "very important" to their vote for president in 2020. For Latinx, climate was rated as important as immigration reform. Racial/ethnic differences in political party may explain some of these differences, as whites and blacks are equally Alarmed or Concerned after accounting for their party preferences.