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Poor/Welfare Class people often experience the following:

  • Housing instability, homelessness, substandard housing
  • Require (and do not always receive) public assistance
  • Basic needs are unmet
  • Exploitation, underpaid/unpaid labor, high risk employment

Working Class people often experience the following:

  • Little or no access to formal education beyond high school (though student loans are shifting this dynamic so that more working class people are accessing higher education, often with great risk and sacrifice)
  • Debt
  • Rental housing or limited access to ownership
  • Few options with regard to field of employment (typically service, manual, caretaking)

Middle Class people often experience the following:

  • 4 year college degree or more
  • Securely housed in owned home(s), ability to upgrade housing, renters by choice and not necessity
  • Able to control work, select job fields
  • Economically secure, but must remain employed

Owning Class people often experience the following:

  • Can expect large inheritance
  • Access to education as desired, including private or elite schools
  • Working is optional
  • Able to access luxuries

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We appreciate your help creating a space where climate practitioners can safely exchange ideas and share research, as many of our resources contain sensitive information that authors don't want shared publicly.

Lab Community Member Slack

The Lab member community is an active community on Slack where you can connect, network, share, and support other people developing and applying evidence-based advocacy in the climate space. We hope you’ll join us!