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Environmental Polling Roundup - April 5th, 2024
David Gold, Environmental Polling Consortium

This post includes climate and environment headlines, data points, and key takeaways from recent public polls - including new polling on extreme weather, climate change, and plastic pollution.



Annenberg Public Policy Center (APPC) at UPenn
Americans who report experiences with extreme weather are more likely to support pro-climate policies [ReleaseTopline]

Greenpeace International
Ahead of Global Plastics Treaty talks, Americans and populations across the world widely agree on the need to reduce plastic pollution [ReleaseFull Report]

NPR + PBS NewsHour + Marist
Around one-third of Americans say that they’re reducing their use of single-use plastics [ReleaseTopline + Crosstabs]



Extreme weather experiences continue to correlate with individuals’ support for climate action. Research has shown a consistent link between climate attitudes and personal experiences with extreme weather, including both self-reported experiences with extreme weather and experiences that can be inferred from weather data. The Annenberg Public Policy Center at UPenn confirms this finding once again, as their polling shows that Americans who report experience with extreme weather in the past year are more likely to support climate-friendly policies - even when controlling for partisanship.
Americans overwhelmingly see plastic pollution as a problem and support actions to address it. Polling has consistently shown that Americans are widely aware of the problem of plastic pollution and support a range of solutions to reduce it, including limiting the production and consumption of plastic and banning single-use plastics. A newly released survey from Greenpeace finds that Americans - as well as citizens of countries across the globe - want to see a strong Global Plastics Treaty that reduces plastic production and bans single-use plastic packaging. Greenpeace finds that Americans are deeply concerned about the health effects of plastic, particularly for younger generations. 


[Plastic] 66% of Americans support the Global Plastics Treaty agreeing a reduction in plastic production [Greenpeace]
[Plastic] 63% of Americans agree that the Global Plastics Treaty “must ban single-use plastic packaging” [Greenpeace]
[Clean Energy] 62% of Americans support tax credits for families who install rooftop solar or battery storage in their homes [Annenberg Public Policy Center]
[Transportation] 62% of Americans support increasing investment in energy-efficient forms of public transportation [Annenberg Public Policy Center]
[Resilience] 60% of Americans support grants to communities to protect them from the impacts of climate change, including drought, heat, and extreme weather [Annenberg Public Policy Center]
[Rural Communities + Energy Efficiency] 57% of Americans support forgivable loans for rural communities to improve their energy efficiency [Annenberg Public Policy Center]
[Carbon Tax] 56% of Americans support taxing corporations based on the amount of carbon emissions they produce to reduce the effects of climate change [Annenberg Public Policy Center]