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May 29, 2024
Polling 201: utilizing public opinion research in your communications campaigns

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Pathways to Power Workshop

Darren Kwong, The Movement Cooperative; Keira Stearns, Analyst Institute; Jack Zhou, Climate Advocacy Lab

How are you measuring your organization’s efforts and advances towards meaningful long-term change? Would you like to begin the process of identifying a unique set of metrics that best suit your organizational goals and power-building strategies?

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Info session for the Blueprint for MRXC Climate Coalitions training series

Jack Zhou and Assata Harris, Climate Advocay Lab

The Lab is planning a four-part training series based on our Blueprint for MRXC Climate Coalitions project. Our goal is to help the Lab community develop more durable, effective, and equitable coalitions to win the climate solutions we need. This series is open to advocates who want help setting up a coalition, are currently working in coalition, or just want to learn best-practices for their next coalition. Come to this info session to learn more about the timeline, scope, and design principles for this all-new training series!


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Building a Ladder of Engagement for Youth

Assata Harris, Climate Advocacy Lab

Young people bring critical perspective, expertise, and energy to our movement spaces -- but traditional organizing and mobilizing structures can leave them feeling undervalued, tokenized, or burnt out. 

How do we design ladders of engagement that truly support youth leadership development within our climate organizing work?

Participants will leave this Lab training with:

• Evidence-insights into the challenges and opportunities of youth climate organizing


Blending online & offline organizing tactics

Gabrielle Heidrich, Climate Advocacy Lab

Are you looking to build digital and in-person organizing tactics that will support your organization or local group in your long-term strategy? Join us for an exclusive training session on the integration of online and offline organizing tactics; a strategic approach designed to amplify impact and engagement across diverse channels.

• Discover the significance of leveraging both digital and traditional organizing methods and tactics to effectively achieve long-term goals.


Polling 201: utilizing public opinion research in your communications campaigns

Nicole Ektnitphong, Climate Advocacy Lab + Environmental Polling Consortium

Do you have an understanding of the basics of public opinion research but want to gain more concrete guidance on using polling to aid in persuasive communication campaigns? Join the Climate Advocacy Lab and the Environmental Polling Consortium for this interactive webinar. Building on our Polling 101 sessions, this webinar will: - Demonstrate how polling works as a movement tool; - Demonstrate how to use polling to inform communications strategies; - Provide key lessons from polling on the Inflation Reduction Act; and - Answer any questions participants have!


Transforming the Rural Narrative on Climate Solutions

Rural Climate Partnership

Join the Rural Climate Partnership for a presentation on how we can use a benefits-forward narrative strategy to connect with rural people. Together, we'll explore 5 narrative keys that allow communicators to reach across cultural differences and avoid culture war frames to connect on shared values.

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Engaging Health Professionals on Climate

Climate Advocacy Lab

Climate change has significant impacts on health outcomes, and health professionals are uniquely positioned to leverage their voice as trusted messengers to engage their colleagues, patients, and communities to take action and shift the public conversation on climate and health.

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Deep Canvassing Lessons Learned with Kentuckians for the Commonwealth

Rebecca Tamiru, Climate Advocacy Lab with Kentuckians for the Commonwealth

Join Kentuckians for the Commonwealth to learn more about their deep canvassing efforts, lessons learned, and best practices from their on-the-ground experience. During this webinar, participants will hear from the folks involved about how deep canvassing can be a powerful tool for bringing new people into the climate justice movement as well as how learnings might be applied to other climate deep canvass and relational conversation programs across the country. 

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Pushing for Energy Justice with Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition: Community Organizing Lessons from Alaska

Climate Advocacy Lab with Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition

The Fairbanks Climate Action Coalition (FCAC) is working to advance a Just Transition away from fossil fuel extraction and towards renewable energy and a regenerative economy in interior Alaska. For several years, FCAC’s Renewable Energy Working Group has been organizing around their local electric utility cooperative, Golden Valley Electric Association (GVEA), to support more generation from renewable energy sources and energy justice initiatives and decarbonization of electricity. FCAC’s organizing efforts have supported more pro-renewable candidates to be democratically elected to the GVEA’s Board of Directors and pushed the utility to consider community solar projects and on-bill financing. A major win came in June 2022 when the GVEA Board adopted a strategic generation plan including a commitment to close down one of their coal plants and pursue a large scale wind power project.

In this webinar, FCAC shares learnings from their Microgrant Report: Cooperative Opportunity: Clean Energy documenting the development of their campaign, sharing reflections on how their organizing structure led to wins, the challenges they faced, and the lessons that can be learned to succeed in future campaigns.

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Community Ownership of Solar with Cleveland Owns

Jonathan Welle, Cleveland Owns & The Climate Advocacy Lab

In Cleveland, OH, the nonprofit Cleveland Owns is incubating the state's first community-owned solar developer, Cleveland Solar Cooperative, which was the subject of a recent case study funded by the Climate Advocacy Lab. 

On the call, organizers shared lessons learned, their motivations to keep at this work, and best practices for groups around the country working to build community-owned solar arrays. The insights shared in this webinar will inform advocates working to start community-owned solar projects, provide practical tips for groups building relationships with the goal of taking action for climate justice, and introduce attendees to a national network of organizations that support projects like this around the country.

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