The Lab offers multiple online trainings each month, synthesizing the newest research and data for the Lab community.

Periodically, we also partner with Lab members to highlight the newest tools and resources emerging from across our field. We believe relationships are the lifeblood of movements, and we work to leverage our digital convenings to create more connectivity among climate advocates nationwide. Join us for one of our upcoming online training, or watch recordings of our past trainings below.

Upcoming Webinars

June 09, 2022

Values-Based Organizing Training

Through the Lab’s Climate Justice Microgrant Program, Partnership for Southern Equity created a short film The 4th Arm highlighting stories from the frontlines in Georgia, the epicenter of community organizing in the American South and follows three organizers in their community-building work. Please join us at our companion training opportunity where you can glean insights from PSE and develop the skills necessary to be an effective community organizer through exploring how centering values and lived experience is so critical to the work of organizing and central to our ability to achieve the goals of energy and climate justice. Together, we will:

  • Gain an understanding of value-based community organizing
  • Enhance the skill-set of community organizers
  • Deepen our understanding of allyship and allies
  • Explore what it means to build power and "systems change"

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