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Poll: Americans Broadly Support the UAW Strike, Regardless of Party
Paul Blest. More Perfect Union
A new poll shows that Americans overwhelmingly support the strike, and even a plurality of self-identified conservatives back the UAW. 58% of likely voters said they support the strike as opposed to just 17% who opposed it. A plurality of Trump voters and Americans who self-identify as very conservative support the strike by a nearly 2-to-1 margin. Roughly 70% of Biden voters and voters who identify as liberal also support the UAW’s decision to strike. Among those expressing a clear stance on the strike, nearly 80% of respondents said they support it, including 80% of moderates and more than two-thirds of Trump and self-identified very conservative voters. Support for autoworkers cut across racial lines, but was strongest among Black voters, more than two-thirds of whom back the UAW strike.