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Poll: Florida Voters Give Governor Desantis Mixed Grades
Quinnipiac University

Half of Floridians think that climate change will negatively impact the state in their lifetimes. Quinnipiac polled Florida voters and found that 51% believe climate change will have a significant negative effect on the state in their lifetimes, while 44% don’t expect it to. These beliefs are driven in large part by both party and age: 83% of Florida Democrats expect to see significant negative impacts from climate change in Florida, compared to just 17% of Republicans. Voters aged 18 to 34 are also far more likely to expect to see the significant negative impacts of climate change in Florida (70%) than voters aged 35-49 (53%), voters aged 50-64 (47%), or voters aged 65+ (40%). The Quinnipiac poll also asked whether voters believed Governor Ron DeSantis was doing enough, doing too much, or needs to do more about a couple of specific environmental issues, and found that majorities believe he should do more both to address rising sea levels (55%) and protect the Everglades (52%).