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Poll: A Majority of Americans Favor Expanding Natural Gas Production To Export to Europe
Alec Tyson and Alison Spencer. Pew Research Center

Americans continue to favor the development of renewable energy over expanding fossil fuels, but GOP support for fossil fuels is rising. Americans still widely prioritize developing alternative energy sources such as wind, solar, and hydrogen technology (67%) over expanding exploration and production of oil, coal and natural gas (32%). Americans favored clean energy over fossil fuels by a commanding 79%-20% margin during Trump’s last year in office (May 2020), but this margin dipped to 71%-27% soon after Biden took office (April 2020) and has continued to decline incrementally since (to 69%-30% in January 2022 and 67%-32% in this latest poll). Self-identified Republicans’ attitudes have shifted dramatically in the last two years: Republicans said they wanted to prioritize clean energy over fossil fuels by a 30-point margin in May 2020 (65%-35%), and now in May 2022 they say they want to prioritize fossil fuels over clean energy by an 18-point margin (59%-41%). This poll asked other questions, too.