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Poll: State of The Rockies
Colorado College
The latest “State of the Rockies” poll finds that Western voters across party lines rate conservation issues as an important factor in their vote this year. For the first time in the poll’s history, the majority of Republicans say that conservation should be prioritized over maximizing fossil fuel production. 90% of voters in Western States support requiring oil and gas companies, rather than federal and state governments, to pay for all of the clean-up and land restoration costs after drilling is finished. 85% of voters in Western States say that issues involving clean water, clean air, wildlife and public lands are an important factor in deciding whether to support an elected official. 80% of voters in Western States support the goal of conserving 30% of the United States’ land and inland waters and 30% of ocean areas by 2030. 75% of voters in Western States agree that we can both increase the production of clean energy while also preserving natural areas, wildlife habitat and the character of our communities.