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Poll: Voters Strongly Support Banning Utility Junk Fees and Using Ratepayer Funds for Political Activities
Grace Adcox and Catherine Frase. Data for Progress
Voters mostly like their utility companies, but overwhelmingly oppose junk fees and utilities using customers’ money to fund lobbying and political activities. 72% of voters support legislation to prevent utility providers from using money collected from customers’ monthly bills to fund political activities. Support for this proposal is very balanced across party lines, with 74% of Democrats, 72% of independents, and 69% of Republicans in favor of legislation that would ban utility companies from using customers’ money on political activities. Voters mostly have positive attitudes about their utility companies (61% favorable / 26% unfavorable), and large majorities say that their utility companies do at least “somewhat well” at ensuring that customers have reliable access to energy (76%) and responding quickly when customers have issues with their energy access (71%).