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Poll: Voters Support Stimulus for Clean Energy, Climate

Nexus Polling, Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, and the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication

American voters strongly support clean energy infrastructure investments to kickstart the economic recovery, support action on climate change as part of stimulus recovery packages, and want their elected officials to support those policies as well.

As part of an economic stimulus package, a majority of voters support:

  • Assisting states and regions recovering from recent extreme weather and climate disasters (79%);
  • Reinforcing infrastructure to withstand the effects of climate change and extreme weather such as severe flooding and hurricanes (73%);
  • Building new power lines to transport renewable energy (70%);
  • Creating a jobs program for unemployed oil and gas workers to safely close abandoned oil and gas wells (69%);
  • Expanding public transportation such as high-speed rail, subway and light rail systems, and electric buses (67%);
  • Expanding tax credits and other incentives to expand renewable energy such as solar and wind (66%); and
  • Building and expanding charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (59%).