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WSP Energy Future Report: Electric Grid Reliability Worries Americans
WSP and The Harris Poll

Americans are widely concerned about aging and unreliable electric grid infrastructure. Grid reliability, along with health and jobs, is a key argument in favor of transitioning to clean energy. Nearly as many Americans say that they’re concerned about the grid’s aging infrastructure and vulnerability to extreme weather as they are about the affordability of electricity, with most Americans saying that they are concerned about each of the following aspects of electricity in the U.S.: Affordability of electricity – 81%; The grid’s aging infrastructure – 79%; The safety of the grid, including vulnerability to extreme weather – 78%; Dependable electricity without power outages – 75%; The climate impact of using fossil fuels to generate electricity – 67%. Notably, Americans’ concerns about grid reliability are serious enough that the majority (61%) say that they would be willing to pay slightly more for electricity if it meant building a more reliable electric grid.